06 Dec 2012

Surprise! Surprise! Indeed we are and very much excited with this new development especially as both short films MISI YB and Bye, Bye, Blackbird were up neck to neck for Best Film this year. Here’s another chance to get both films screened at Filmapalooza!

All second runner up short films from around the world are uploaded onto Cinema 48 website and 1 winner with the highest average rating (not by total number of views or total number of stars) will be selected by the 48HFP founders, Mark & Liz to screen at Filmapalooza for an opportunity to grab the Grand Champion prize.

To make sure the competition is fair, each short film becomes eligible after receiving a minimum of 50 votes. Voting is only through Facebook, so you must make sure you sign in and then click 5 stars.

Last day to vote is 19 January 2013.

Hope for your support for Malaysian short films and don’t forget to share and tweet about it! Click Here To Vote!

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