31 Oct 2011

It was an amazing weekend at Berjaya Times Square Theme Park Entrance. Whilst most of the recurring teams came on Friday the 28th October with just a few team members to draw out their genres. The event was totally hyped up by the attendance of student teams from various college & universities. With the drive from both emcees of RedFM DJs Fiqrie & Ken, they even had their own cheer! Totally awesome spirit & energy must be credited to these participants.

Extremely happy with her Genre


Opting for Wild Cards

A total of 41 teams registered and the genre drawing was greeted with much enthusiasm. Some were nervous, some were extremely happy, some took the wild cards. The first team to draw this year was once again 1HellofAProduction led by Ibtisem a.k.a Sam. Not only was it her second year to be the first team to draw, it was also the 2nd year for her to draw Musical!

After 48 hours, on Sunday the 30th October the we were having a nervous breakdown as we waited for teams to trickle in to submit their films & paperwork. The first few early teams were Giristudios & Checkered Past, Orang Utan and I-Pixel. The others came in a throng at the last hour and mayhem was created at the registration counter. Someone might have even cried trying to render & burn their film at the last minute.

In the end, a total of 36 teams submitted on time and we continued to wait for the late teams. We were extremely ecstatic that each and every one of the teams registered submitted their film even though they were late. But later, a total of 35 teams were only qualified as 1 film submitted a wrong file and had to resend a new file for their screenings. However,  it was a great achievement for us to have so many films qualified. Next year target: 100% qualification.

2011 Teams, Producers & RedFM DJs Fiqrie & Ken